So What's Santa's Secret?

Visit Santa's workshop this time of year and you will see a model for all companies. The place is filled with highly motivated and engaged employees that are invested in their work. The elves have a high sense of mission, excellent teamwork and an understanding of the leader's vision. Unfortunately, in most organizations not all the "elves" are happy ones.

In fact, according to the Learning and Engagement Survey conducted by i4cp in 2007, only about a third of all workers rate themselves as "highly engaged" which is defined as: "willing to go beyond the ordinary job to contribute to the organization's long term success." In the same survey nearly one in four people rated as "disengaged."

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The implications for an organization with disengaged employees are significant. Organizations that have engaged employees tend to have higher customer satisfaction as well as organizational productivity and this is true whether the organization is a school or a corporation.

So how do you engage employees? Leaders need an action plan that includes concrete steps to ensure engagement. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Provide a vision, a sense of mission and set of high standards to your staff
  • Instill pride in the team
  • Inspire teams to accept challenging goals and share in their successes as well as setbacks
  • Recognize individual uniqueness from each member of the team and highlight these individual talents
  • Provide coaching and mentoring for growth
  • Encourage intellectual stimulation and creativity; encourage employees to think of new solutions to daily problems.
  • Transform perceptions or help employees shift their own perceptions of what can be accomplished to produce stronger effort and productivity.
Leadership Solutions offers coaching in Transformation Leadership with the MLQ 360. This tool measures Transformational Leadership skills in leaders and team members and with coaching can help produce more satisfaction, efficiency and productivity on your teams.

Let's get your workshop humming not "humbugging!"

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