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Bank on Your Network

My daughter works her network. No, she's not a high-powered executive; she's a stay-at-home mom. So, "What network?" you might wonder. It seems that whenever I stop by her house there are inevitably a few extra kids around. "It's money in the bank," she always says.
Here's what to do:
  1. List key goals
  2. List the people that can assist or impede the accomplishment of these goals.
  3. Assess the effectiveness of your current relationship with these people.
  4. Put a plan together to build the network; make the time to "bank" time with those who can support your project.

She knows the key to a good network-make time for relationships prior to needing help or support. This fall, when life is more hectic for her, she will have "saved" childcare favors from many friends and her own childcare needs will be met.

The same can work for busy leaders. Recently, I helped with a group that did not have support from all their senior people in the organization. "They just don't like what we're doing," they complained. Initially, we created a flow chart to look at the breakdown they had. The visual showed all the key people across the top of the graphic and the members of the team across the bottom. By "connecting" lines we showed any relationship that any team member had with these key executives. Sometimes a picture tells it all; the same two senior members that had no use for the project also had no relationships with any of the 15 members of the team.

The group failed to forge key relationships prior to needing support. Leaders who make time for relationship management will get through the tough times more easily than those who wait for a crisis to ask for support.

Bank on Leadership Solutions to help make your relationships work for you.

  • Leadership Development
  • Assessments
  • Coaching
  • Often on 360-feedback managers are rated low by their peers. This comes as a surprise because these same people can often be called collaborative, inspirational leaders by others. Looking at the relationships, it is clear that these leaders only went to their peers in "crisis-mode."

    The idea is to increase your relationship effectiveness by strategically networking before you or your team needs something.

    Whether you're raising children or building an organization, the message is the same-a good network can make the difference.

    "Helping leaders with creative and flexible solutions
    to increase their effectiveness."

    Donna Dennis
    Telephone: 609-333-0144