Donna Dennis, Ph.D., PCC

A coach, trainer, and mentor who has had corporate, academic, and non-profit experience.

Donna bases all she does on evidence-based tools and the best research available to provide you with the best coaching, teaching, or mentoring.

Donna is a Certified Coach, the President of Leadership Solutions Consulting, LLC, and Donna Dennis Coaching.

Leadership Solutions = Assessments + Coaching + Training which results in Insight, Behavioral Change, and Accelerated Growth

~ Development begins with Assessment


Assessment provides the starting benchmark and identifies the best opportunities for a leader to grow and change, thus enabling the growth of a company’s leadership overall.

LS helps you select the best assessment options. We can make recommendations or help with administration and feedback. Great support for those wanting to develop assessment skills.


For leaders who are seeking to move to the next level of performance; teams that want to “raise the bar”; HR who want to provide more service to clients.


For leaders and their groups to increase transformational leadership or virtual/hybrid skills. We also train internal coaches and peer coaches.

Customized training to develop transformational skills in leaders and team members. Examples of courses we have designed and delivered: Interested and want to learn more?

Donna Dennis Coaching
Preparing for Leadership: What It Takes to Take the Lead by Donna J. Dennis Ph.D. and Deborah Meola
Available on Amazon!
Available on Amazon!