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MLQ is the measure of transformational leadership and a full range of leader behaviors. MLQ Products are for…

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MLQ 360º Multirater ReportMLQ Team Report
The measure of shared/distributed leadership in teams
Leadership Culture Report
ODQ – The measure of the transformational and transactional leadership cultures in an organization or department
Certification in
these tools
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Why Choose MLQ?

Many claims are made about research in the leadership assessment and training industry, but none are supported by the level of research and experience that MLQ provides. MLQ represents a vast international research effort now spanning 20 years that has resulted in it being viewed as the benchmark in leadership assessment.

“Transformational leadership is associated with motivating associates to do more than they originally thought possible. The original expectation for performance is linked to an initial level of confidence or efficacy in the associates’ perceived ability and motivation. Thus associates’ perceptions of self-efficacy or confidence, as well as their developmental potential, are enhanced through the transformational leadership process.”

(Avolio and Bass, 2004)

Research Validated Assessment

“Optimal research-driven leadership profiles that make a difference!”

MLQ provides the optimal leadership profile that gives rise to the best outcomes for individuals, teams and organizations. Transformational Leadership Model is built on the MLQ Research

Research using the MLQ continues to support that the Transformational Model is valid and reliable as a means to increase leader effectiveness and organizational innovation and productivity.

Leadership Solutions Consulting MLQ Services

It is often claimed that leaders are ‘born’ not ‘made’. It is true that personality may not be easily changed-if at all. But people’s repertoire and use of appropriate leadership behaviors over time can be changed to achieve optimal outcomes for others.

“Leadership Development: Leadership is coachable and trainable!”

We have chosen the Transformational Leadership Model based on the MLQ research as the tool to increase leadership effectiveness and organizational outcomes in the areas of innovation, coaching, and building a high performance culture.

Developing leaders and executives already on the job, and ensuring a consistent framework at individual, team, organizational systems and culture levels – is an essential aspect of on-going optimal organizational performance and high staff retention.

“The MLQ stands apart from other measures of leadership in its sound psychometric properties.”

Jean Powell Kirnan
Associate Professor of Psychology
Trenton State College
Trenton, New Jersey, USA
Twelfth Mental Measurements Yearbook

The Bass/Avolio Transformational Leadership Model provides an easy-to-remember mental check-list against which individuals and teams can more accurately monitor their behavior over time to achieve better outcomes with others.

Evidenced-Based Assessments that are proven to increase leadership effectiveness and organizational outcomes in the areas of innovation, coaching, and building a high-performance culture.

MLQ Assessments are available through Leadership Solutions Consulting, LLC. To sign up click here.

“In 33 independent empirical studies using the MLQ we see a strong positive correlation between all components of transformational leadership and both objective and subjective measures of performance.”

Lowe, Kroeck & Sivasubramaniam (Leadership Quarterly, 1996)