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Donna Dennis

Founding Member

Donna Dennis is a leadership development professional, specializing in research-based solutions for leaders working in virtual and remote teams. For the past six years, she has conducted research on working virtually, as well as consulting, coaching, and training leaders in how to increase leadership effectiveness in virtual settings.

Earlier in her career, Donna worked for RCA, GE, The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Chubb and Son, Inc. and C.R. Bard in various leadership development positions. In the last two companies (from 1990-2003) she led virtual teams. Prior to corporate work Donna spent nine years teaching in academia (Parkland College, Champaign, IL, The Wharton Business School, the University of Pennsylvania and Rider University).

Donna is the Principal at Leadership Solutions Consulting, LLC.

Management is increasingly based on empirical research and business analytics. To maintain and improve their competitiveness, corporations must continually find ways to improve their performance. To succeed, consultants and vendors must be able to make a solid case for their approaches and services. They must also create and deliver tools to help clients succeed.

BRC is designed to help corporations by providing research-based tools, knowledge distributed in a mix of technological and in-person formats.

BRC is designed to help professional firms and vendors by providing supporting research expertise and knowledge so that clients can focus on their core competencies.

Mission and Vision

To provide both ready to use and customized practical senior management tools for managing people, processes and performance.

To conduct operational targeted surveys and develop research-based knowledge for

(1) corporations to improve performance, and
(2) professional firms (consultants, attorneys, vendors to consultants and corporations, etc.) so that they are able to help their clients to be more successful.

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