Transformational Executive Coaching

Transformational Executive Coaching provides a confidential relationship in which the leader is able to learn and develop relevant skills/attitudes that will increase overall effectiveness.

An assessment of leader skills (360) and Leadership Profile are part of the process and serve as the foundation for a conversation designed to empower the leader to become more self-aware of the impact they have on the associates and the organization.

  •  Provide 360 feedback and transformational coaching to Senior Vice Presidents at financial services firm
  •  Coached a Vice President of sales on the selection and development of his team to increase overall sales results.
  •  Coached a General Manager on leadership behaviors and impact on her team in regards to teamwork and overall business results.
  •  Provided transition coaching to a new VP of R and D to ensure quick success in entering a new organization.

“Transformational leadership is associated with motivating associates to do more than they originally thought possible. The original expectation for performance is linked to an initial level of confidence or efficacy in the associates’ perceived ability and motivation. Thus associates’ perceptions of self efficacy or confidence, as well as their developmental potential, are enhanced through the transformational leadership process.”
Avolio and Bass, 2004

Certifications from:

  •  MLQ International Accredited Coach and ODQ Consultant
  •  Gestalt Coaching: Gestalt International Study Center
  •  International Coach Federation

Member of:

  •  American Psychological Association
  •  Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  •  The Executive Coach Forum
  •  Institute of Coaching
  •  International Coach Federation