Gestalt Coaching Assessment
Donna Dennis, PCC
Emil J. Sadloch, MA

This assessment will provide you with an understanding of core Gestalt coaching concepts and behaviors that you can use in future coaching sessions. This book can be purchased on-site at GISC and from your favorite bookseller.

Available for download (PDF)

GISC Virtual Leadership Guide
Donna Dennis, Ph.D. PCC

Are virtual teams and their leaders really any different from traditional teams and their leaders? Yes, and those differences can have a major effect on the success of virtual teams and the organizations that use them. 

Available for download (PDF)

Knowledge Management and E-Learning: Virtual Leaders: Born or Made?
Mary Key, Ph.D.
Donna Dennis, Ph.D. PCC

With planning and attention, virtual leadership can become a core competency of your organization and an asset for the future.

Chapter available for download (PDF)

Passport for Leading from Afar
Donna Dennis, Ph.D. PCC

Leadership skills to work virtually are different than when face-to-face. The further away people are the more structure is needed to provide a sense of direction and accountability.

Available for download (PDF)

GISC Facilitation Assessment
Donna Dennis, Ph.D., PCC
Ken Broadhurst, MHSA, PCC

Gestalt-based facilitation offers a valuable way to help groups work effectively together and achieve their goals.

Available for download (PDF)